An International Residential School for Student Athletes

Admissions Open for Academic Year 2023-24

An International Boarding School

Corvuss American Academy

Corvuss American Academy, the first international residential school in India for student athletes, is a ground-breaking venture that aims to change the landscape of education and sport in India.

We are committed to helping girls and boys talented in sports develop their skills, pursue an internationally recognised academic degree and leverage their athletic and academic abilities to pursue admissions in colleges globally.

Corvuss American Academy opened its doors on October 5, 2020. Adhering to the government guidelines children are focusing on holistic sports training in a safe and secure environment. We are now accepting applications for the academic year 2023-24.

Upcoming Camps

Squash camp

Squash camp

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An Integrated Curriculum for Student Athletes

Corvuss US based Curriculum

Borrowing from best practices of US prep schools and academies in Europe, Corvuss has developed an integrated program, which combines academics, elite sports and life skills training for students from grades 6 to 12.

Training in Six Elite Sports

The school will provide training programs in six elite sports – Basketball, Football, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field – which have been developed under the mentorship of our internationally renowned sports partners.

Discover your pathway to the NCAA with us

We support and guide aspiring student-athletes, providing them with the tools, training, and opportunities needed to excel academically and athletically, making their dreams of collegiate sports a reality.

The Path to International Achievement Begins at Corvuss American Academy

Corvuss Campus

44-acre state of the art Corvuss sports academy campus is located in Karjat, Maharashtra, close to Mumbai and Pune

Student Training in Six Elite Sports

Students training programs in six elite sports, which have been developed under the mentorship of internationally renowned sports partners.

US curriculum at our boarding school offers tremendous flexibility for the student, allowing them to focus on academics as well as elite sports training.

US based curriculum

We follow best practices used around the world. This includes leading practices of top US and European prep schools and premier sports academies.

Best Practices in Sports & Academics

If your son or daughter is passionate about sports with international education, then Corvuss American Academy has much to offer.

We will help them plan and explore pathways so that they can build on their talent and aspirations.