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At Corvuss American Academy, our students aspire today so then they can inspire tomorrow.

Kunal Maria

Kunal Maria


Sports has always been my passion. Growing up in India, it was my dream to play basketball in the NBA. I was fortunate that I could play basketball through high school, representing Maharashtra at several national basketball championships and playing for India at the international level. This wasn’t easy – many friends and students I knew gave up competitive sports because it would compromise academic commitments in the higher grades. And for those who continued, it was a battle – juggling school, tuition classes, tests, exams, sports training, extracurricular activities and family commitments.

Deeksha Kumar

Ms. Deeksha Kumar

CO-FOUNDER & Chief Operating Officer

There are different paths to your destination. Choose your own path.

This underlying approach is what I love about Corvuss American Academy – that we get to offer students an exciting and different pathway to achieve their goals.

I was drawn in three years ago, when my husband and co-founder, Kunal Maria, shared his vision with me about developing a school for children who are passionate and talented in sports. What really appealed to me was the idea that children could pursue a high quality academic degree without having to drop sports once they reached grade 8 or 9 in school and then go on to seek pathways to college through a combination of sports and academics.

India's first residential school for student athletes offering the American Curriculum.

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